A few months ago I had one of those “how did I get here?” moments.

You know what I mean. That moment where you look around in disbelief at what you’ve created in your life. I was drowning in emails that I didn’t want to answer, I felt like I wasn’t succeeding in my business (hint: that was false), and I didn’t know which step to take next. I felt like I was failing my existing clients. I was doing so much work but with little reward. Overwhelm had sunk in. I knew that I had to clear the space but I didn’t know where to begin.

So how did I get there? The answer is simple. I had set expectations that I couldn’t meet out of a space of “I am not enough”. I didn’t feel adequate so I added on the bonuses, group coaching options, workshops, 1 on 1 coaching, healing sessions, card pulls, the speaking gigs, you name it. All of these things are incredibly magical but I was taking away their magic by over giving and giving from a place of desperation.

Cue the moment of clarity. I knew I couldn’t keep doing this for the rest of my life or even another year. The pandemic had shown me where I was overdoing it in my external reality. Now I was recognizing those lingering doubts and belief systems had shifted into the online version of my business.

As an emotional clearing practitioner, I understand that energy needs to go somewhere. It doesn’t just go away when our external reality shifts. But it can be easy to ignore the signs, put our heads down, and keep pushing forward.

We’re taught work harder. Don’t give up. Tenacity wins. Be tough. Don’t show emotion. Rise above the rest. Show that you’re special. In order to stand out you need to grind and hustle.

But what happens when you’ve been acting from a place of “I should do this so I can get here” for so long…that you’re not only completely missing the mark but you realize that the end goal wasn’t what you wanted after all? And how can we begin to take the steps towards the happiness and clarity that we all desire?

  1. Awareness. Yes I said it. You’ve heard it before but the lack of awareness is what gets us to a space of wtf. Your brain tells you where the solution is. It’s with the clients, the money, the followers, the weight loss, the relationship, so we strive to get there. We’re sold on endless amounts of ways to do it. So what have you been saying yes to and why? What’s the end goal?
  2. Ask your future self. Project yourself into a space where the end goal is accomplished. You’re at $10K months, you’re working for yourself, you’ve lost 30 pounds, *insert cool thing here*…those things are great but are you truly happy now? What does your day to day look like? Do you have time for your family and friends? Are you fulfilled on a spiritual and emotional level? Is the end goal what you’re really looking for or is it the emotion? Peace. Joy. Happiness. Abundance.
  3. Listen to your body. Begin to notice when your resistance rises. Is it fear that you need to rock out or is it a knowing that something isn’t right? The stomach ache. The shoulder pain and headaches. The insomnia. The anxiety. These are cues our body sends us when something isn’t landing for us. And actually LISTEN. Don’t say oh yeah I feel this but now I’ll just ignore it and press on. Stop. Drop. Be honest with what aligns.

So what’s the point of all of this?
The point is for you to create a life that feels good.

If it doesn’t feel good it’s not something you should follow. If you feel unease, overwhelm, burnout, or trepidation, it’s time to listen to yourself. You have free will and it’s a beautiful thing when we begin to get to know ourselves.

This work isn’t necessarily easy, but it is rewarding AF. I’m feeling lighter. I’m feeling happier. The pressure is releasing and I’m learning to trust what is coming. And you deserve this too. You just have to listen.