Don’t they say that an epiphany is finally understanding something you already knew?

How many times a day do I scroll through my Instagram and FB newsfeed and see postings about slowing down, self-love, and relaxation? A lot. Like at least 20 times a day.

How many times did I actually understand the concept and let it sink in? One.

I read this article and it really sunk in.

It talks about two thoughts you may be thinking first thing in the morning when you’re still in your drowzy state of “Where am I?” and “What day is it?” And how so many of us think “I didn’t get enough sleep” and “I don’t have enough time”.

I tend to scroll past those posts on social media about self love and relaxation because I think I already know it all. If someone asked me if I thought I was enough I would say “Hell yes!” But truthfully that’s not the case. How do I know this? Because it’s coming out into all of my actions in my life. The second that I realize it’s a work day, my first thought is, “Oh shit. What do I have to do today?” And then I start going through my to do list and my first thought is “Yikes that’s a lot I need to rush.” So my resolution is to move faster and accomplish more. I get up earlier and I take on something else. I connect the running around and taking on more as my worth. I realized I am in a constant state of rushing, fitting more things into my schedule, and ultimately living in a state of lack. I am inadequate if I don’t have a productive day.

I equate my “enoughness” to the amount of things I can accomplish in one day.
I equate “I am good enough” to being at all of my meetings, being present for my clients, waking up early for my side hustle, building my business, reading self-help books, being the VP of the board of an organization, finding time to work out and eat healthy, finding time to be with my friends and family, and being present and productive at work. I find pride in managing everything and adding in even more when things are going smoothly. If someone asks me to add an extra meeting in my schedule I tend to lean towards a yes. If someone asks me to hang out, I tend to say yes.

My brain:
I am enough = I get a lot done and accomplish my goals
I am not enough = I am not getting enough done, I didn’t accomplish my goals for the day

But what if I could change my thought to this?
No matter what happens today I am good enough.

If I write a blog post I am enough, and if I sit and watch Netflix all night I am enough.
If I get into a fight with my best friend I am enough, and if I get a stellar review at work I am enough.
If I hang with my family I am enough, and if I go to a networking event I am enough.
If I stay home and cuddle with my cat I am enough, and if I go for a five mile run I am enough.

I think setting the foundation of “I am enough” is not only essential to being truly happy. But it’s essential to achieving life-long habit change.

You can still set a goal and feel as though you are enough. You can do anything you want to do. But you should do it from a place of love for yourself.

Take this hypothetical situation. You unknowingly think “I am not enough”. But you set a plan, motivate yourself, and you lose 30 pounds. You feel proud of yourself. But the “I am not enough” comes through again. So you take on a new goal of running a marathon. You run the marathon and the thought still doesn’t go away. You eat completely paleo but the thought doesn’t go away. You transform so many aspects of your life but your inner thought is still “I am not enough.” And you feel unhappy. If you never feel good enough you will constantly be chasing your happiness.

Accomplishments do not make us enough. We ALL are enough and we choose to get better at things because they bring us joy. Evolving makes us happy as humans. We want to have better finances, bodies, habits, relationships, etc. But achieving those things does not add to our “enoughness”.

If you feel like you’re not good enough, let me reassure you that you are.
And if you still don’t believe that, that’s okay. I don’t think I truly believe I am either.
So many of us have been living our lives with that thought lingering in the background.
So let’s start our process forward by simply stating “I am enough.”
When we first start thinking new thoughts, we don’t believe them. It takes repetition, kindness, and patience.
When you wake up can you change your thought to having enough?
Start that as your new morning routine. I am enough. I have enough time. I have enough food. I have enough friends. I have enough.

As the article says, “Enough is the bridge from scarcity to abundance.”
Loving yourself will make everything you accomplish in your life so much more enjoyable.

I’ve been working on a course for how to accomplish your goals. And I’ve decided this needs to be the first step.

More news on that soon!

You are enough.