Judgment Detox Workshop



Judgment is addicting. We judge others. We judge ourselves. We worry about what others will think about us. Which leads to the following…

Self-shame. Making decisions based on what others would want us to do. Attempting to fit in. Holding ourselves to impossible standards. Comparison. Separation. Guilt. Sadness. Inability to stick to goals. Fear. Unhealthy internal dialogues. And consistently seeking external validation.

If you can relate to this you are not alone. Come the Picture Perfect Mind workshop at Her Sanctuary on Hertel Ave on Saturday June 16th to learn about how to release your judgment cycle and turn back to love.

You’ll also receive practical tools to start applying every day to get you exactly where you want to be.

Tickets are $10 or free for Picture Perfect Mind members.

Email pictureperfectmind@gmail.com with any questions!