Personalized Meditation



Receive a meditation personalized to you specifically.

Do you feel held back by a specific problem, story, or insecurity that feels personal to you? Does this story come up for you on a daily basis? Maybe it’s along the lines of “I’m not good enough” or “I’m set up for failure” or “This person can do it but I can’t” or “This is how my life has always been”.

Fear may be only ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ but when you’re in a fear-based cycle it can feel paralyzing. Your thoughts are your reality and that’s why it can be so discouraging when you can’t break free of your fear-based thoughts. Even when you know they are not serving you.

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to release them? Maybe it even triggers self-shame or a judgment cycle because you know in your heart that it is sabotaging what you’d like to accomplish. Do yourself a favor and recognize that this internal dialogue has played a large role in navigating your life, helping you to cope, and keeping yourself safe. You’ve done it for years and it’s impossible to change it over night. The first step is your awareness and acknowledge it from a loving place.

I’m now offering personalized meditation recordings to be able to release these life-long fear-based stories and step into your higher purpose. You’ll tell me what you perceive your biggest barrier to be and I’ll write and record a 20 minute guided meditation for you to listen to daily to defuse this energy and step into your truth.

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