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Welcome to the signup page for the Her Sanctuary Membership.


Do you want to create serious change in your life and step into your power?

Are you not really sure how to do so and feel stuck?

Does the potential of losing weight, creating more money in your life, improving your relationships, and stepping into your purpose bring you an equal sense of excitement and panic?

Does having a life coach sound appealing to you but you’re not quite ready to pay the high prices that can come with 1 on 1 coaching?

Then the Her Sanctuary Membership was created for you.

This 2018 Membership will provide you access to 9 in-person trainings at Her Sanctuary that are grounded in topics like self love, money manifestation, emotional eating, judgment detox, your ego’s tricks, spirituality, self empowerment, and removing your fear based blocks.

My coaching focuses on…

  • Discovering your Higher Self which will lead you to EXACTLY where you need to be
  • Reconnecting to love over fear a.k.a. YOUR TRUTH
  • Connecting to universal source energy to discover your true abundance
  • Rewriting your story and taking control over your internal dialogue to create your dream life
  • Recognizing that you deserve everything you’ve ever wanted in life AND that it’s possible to have it

It’s gonna be a combination of spiritual retreat and accountability tribe. Envision a relaxing, sunny (we can hope), Saturday morning with your best girlfriends drinking iced coffee in your yoga pants. And while you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll be stepping into your bad-ass, higher power and improving your life. In my opinion, heaven. You may even walk away with a crystal or two because Her Sanctuary offers amazing products to improve your space.

This membership is good for a monthly workshop at Her Sanctuary and will help if:

  • You’re seeking a way to transform your negative thoughts into peace and clarity
  • You desire to be a part of a tribe of people who will support and transform you
  • You feel anxiety, judgement, self-attack, and/or self-doubt regularly and aren’t sure what to do about it
  • You’re consistently comparing yourself to others and wondering why your life isn’t where you want it to be
  • You’re struggling to discover what you want to do with your life or where your passion truly lies

What The Her Sanctuary Membership Includes…

  1. Monthly workshops at Her Sanctuary led by myself that dive into self-development topics. The sessions last an hour and a half, are extremely casual but focused. We always do a meditation and provide PDF worksheets.
  2. Group Discussions – access to a private FB group where we can openly share our experiences of what we’ve learned and how we’re evolving.
  3. An hour long 1 on 1 coaching session with me that can be utilized at any point during 2018. This can be used to further explore a topic that you’re feeling resistance towards or a coffee date with me to work on visualizing your success.

Okay sounds cool, when are the dates?

Each workshop will take place at Her Sanctuary at 1438 Hertel Ave in Buffalo NY. The first one included in the membership is in April and is focused on Emotional Eating and Loving Your Body at ANY Weight.

Please note that this membership is only for workshops led by me!

The dates are all on Saturday mornings at 11AM unless otherwise noted below…

April 14th- Saturday at 1PM*

May 26th

June 16th

July 7th

Aug 11th

Sep 22nd

Oct 20th

Nov 10th

Dec 1st

More deets…

If you are a member you’ll receive an email with the topic of the upcoming workshop. You will be able to sign up for a spot before anyone else to secure your seat. That way when the workshop is open to the public you’ll be set. You also have the option of not attending and opening up your spot to someone else.

The membership fee is only $39  which comes down to $4.33 PER CLASS. THIS IS BEFORE EVEN FIGURING IN THE COST OF THE 1 ON 1 COACHING SESSION.

Is there a catch to this?

Honestly no. I deeply care about making this information easily accessible because we ALL deserve success and abundance. This is our time. Not to mention I love teaching.

The ONLY catch is that there are a limited amount of spots open for this membership. Her Sanctuary is a beautiful women’s empowerment space but has LIMITED seating. These spots will be filled quickly by ladies who are completely ready to transform their lives.

And I’m even willing to extend a full refund if you end up signing up for the membership and don’t attend any of the classes.

Still questioning if this is for you?

This is for you even if…

  1. You’re not very spiritual.
    • You don’t need to believe in a higher power to belong to this membership. We will focus on internal transformation and tapping into your intuition and self-care.
  2. You’re unsure if you can attend every class.
    • The entire 2018 membership is only $39. So if you miss some classes along the way this is still completely and totally worth it. I want this to be a no-brainer so you can get started on feeling peaceful and in love with yourself ASAP.
  3. You’re unsure if you want to spend the money.
    • We are going to deep dive into our limiting beliefs around money throughout the year. If you are worried about investing $39 on yourself that’s a pretty good sign you have deep fears around your ability to deserve and earn money. That’s completely okay and just know that we are all working on transforming those beliefs together. If you are willing to do the work around changing your thoughts I guarantee by the end of the year you will have brought more abundance into your life.
  4. You feel pretty good about your life and yourself.
    • If you feel good on a daily basis then THAT’S AMAZING! This membership will only enhance your self-confidence and potentially uncover daily fear-based stories you never knew you had. This will take you to a deeper healing than you’ve ever experienced.
  5. You’re afraid of judgment and not sure if you’ll be comfortable opening up to others.
    • I have always had a huge fear of this and this work has helped me to witness this fear and recognize it’s a way of separating myself from others. You will never feel pressured to share unless you want to and if you’d like to change this fear this is the space to do it in.
  6. What if I don’t attend any of the classes?
    • I am willing to extend a full refund to anyone who signs up but doesn’t make any of the classes. Beyond that it’s up to you to do the work and know that this is your time for you.
  7. Any other doubts?
    • Honestly, that’s what the ego does. It keeps you in doubt. It’s meant to keep you in fear, attached to a world separated by love and the rest of us. If you’re you feel any doubt, congratulations you’re human! But if you’re on this page you were brought here for a reason. Let yourself be guided to build positive relationships, develop a deep love for yourself, and blast through limiting beliefs.


“Last weekend some coach friends and I took the money manifesting workshop! It was amazing, it has opened me up so much to my money blocks and given me realistic ways to push past them! Can’t wait to attend more of Lindsay’s workshops!”- Shannon Piazza

Authentic, dedicated, determined, compassionate, truly an inspiration….Grateful that our paths crossed! Lindsay is very good at what she does!- Lori Pepe

“Lindsay is a wonderful compassionate and intuitive Coach! I found great encouragement, great insight, and developed needed practices in my life thanks to her 90 days of coaching. Thank you Lindsay!”– Kate Whitlock

“Organized, compassionate, patient – everything you could want in a coach!” – Margaret Healy

“Lindsay and I met and she is so motivating and inspirational! I walked away from our meeting feeling like I could change the world and that I had someone on my side to help me do it!” – Brittany Wilson

Sign-Up for the Membership!

If you’re interested in being a member of our Her Sanctuary Membership then you can sign up below. Spots are very limited so reserve your spot for $39. I can’t wait to build this supportive community and continue to transform alongside you.

Feel free to email pictureperfectmind@gmail.com with any further questions on the membership.