Discover & Wield Your Majesty Mini Course (includes 1 on 1 energy clear)



This life-changing mini course is going to take you from feeling depleted, overstretched, and isolated to feeling tapped into your true clarity and magnificence.

Everyone has superpowers. Everyone is magnificent. But most of us spend our lives playing catch up. Trying to do it all, trying to check off the boxes, trying to stay in the good graces of our loved ones, our job, our friends, and ultimately, our inner critic.

This experience will take you into a deep dive of:

-What you are currently saying yes to and WHY

-Where your blocks, fears, and emotions are coming up

-The feeling of separation between YOU and your goals (hint: that’s not real)

-The deep connection to who you ACTUALLY ARE

-How to play with saying yes and no to things and discovering what actually lights you up

-Beginning to heal our wounds and allowing Source to take the wheel

This mini-course starts on March 22nd, 2021 but when you sign up you’ll receive a bonus video to get settled into a gentle state of awareness.

This course includes:

-7 daily live videos transmitting the steps to align to your magnificence (and a bonus video)

-1 on 1 energy clear to drop you into a state of surrender (this is scheduled individually)

-Access to a Facebook group for learnings and guidance along the way

All videos are available for replay (along with the energy clear)

Reach out to with any questions!