12 Week Transformational Coaching Program



How can you BLOW YOUR MIND in the next 90 days?

I’m accepting new clients to start in the new year. Let’s figure out how you can transform your health.

Lindsay Amico

Lindsay Amico | Certified Health Coach


What Are Your Goals?  

  • Weight Loss
  • Increasing Energy
  • Building Muscle & Strength
  • Better Health Routines
  • Eating Healthier
  • Meditation practice
  • Motivation
  • Increased Happiness
  • Reduced Stress

A lot of people can accomplish these things temporarily but making a sustainable life long habit can be hard to achieve.


How Can I Help You?

I’ll help you change your thoughts, your emotions, and then your results. The program will discover what’s right for you by defining a powerful vision for your transformation and what it will mean for you and your life.

We’ll figure out what’s stopping you, slowing you down, and create a step-by-step plan to create your transformation in just 90 days.


How Much are Sessions?

The 12- week transformational health coaching program is now $349 (just under $30 a session).

You receive a workbook, intensive one on one coaching, a step by step plan, and PDFs curtailed to your needs. See more details below.

I spoke with Lindsay about once a week for 30 days. She held me accountable in completing the Whole30! She gave me the best advice and affirmations when I would hit a roadblock, which helped me through.

– Kayla Moore


My experience with Lindsay Amico as my health coach in navigating the diet world was extremely rewarding. She made sure to take the time and explain why certain foods would be the cause of some health issues I was experiencing such as breakouts, fatigue and irritability. Lindsay would then take into consideration foods I already loved and tweaked recipes with me. This made the daunting task of completely changing and overhauling my diet manageable, informative and even fun!

– Lauren Gately


Health Coaching Program Details

  • TIME OVERVIEW: 12 weeks of coaching that provides you with accountability and stretch
  • OPEN COMMUNICATION: In-person or over the phone, flexible scheduling for 45 minute long meetings
  • ORGANIZED & UNDERSTOOD:  A powerful vision for your transformation, and what it will mean for you and your life  
  • STEP-BY-STEP PLAN: Create your transformation in 90 days. Identify fear-based stories that are leading you into old unhealthy patterns and create steps to overcome them
  • LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS: Discover what thoughts, fear-based behaviors, lifestyle habits are bringing you down and what to do about it
  • WORKBOOK to complete throughout the program so you can track your progress and action steps
  • PDFs and information curtailed to your specific needs


Choosing a coach is a personal decision. Listen to your intuition and what you need the most. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re ready to identify what’s been holding you back, achieve what you’ve been wanting most, and transform your life.

Let’s change your thoughts around your goal from…

I want to do this
I wish I could do this
I can’t do this
I’m trying to do this
I hope I can do this
I need to do this
I should do this
I don’t know

I have done this
I am creating this
I can do this
I am doing this
I enjoy doing this
I choose to do this
I have done this
I have no doubts

Yes I’m ready to change my life

12 Week Transformational Coaching Program